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Chair: Kathy Kay *2nd 09/30/2022*

Vice Chair: Vacant 

Secretary/Treasurer: Christine Gaspari *1st 9/30/2022*

Member/CIL Rep: Kathy Kay *2nd 09/30/2022*

Member At Large: Joni Thomas *2nd 9/30/2024*

Member At Large: Paulette Monthei *1st 9/30/2022*

UCEDD: Mark Shriver *1st 9/30/2024*

Voc Rehab Rep: Victoria Rasmussen *1st 09/30/2021*

NCDHH Rep: Ashley Wulf *1st 9/30/2024*

DHHS Rep: Karen Houseman *1st 9/30/2024*

ATP Rep: Tobias Orr *1st term 9/30/22*

 Member: Aubrey Freeze *1st term 9/30/22*

CAP Rep: Jerry Bryan *1st 9/30/22*

 Youth Member: Matt Kaslon *1st 9/30/2024*

Member: Vacant 

All members are term limited to 2 three-year terms. 

In asterisks is the date their term ends.

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