Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Management Disability Awareness Training for Nebraska


There will be a FREE two-hour virtual training. This presentation will introduce you to emergency planning, preparedness, response, and recovery as it relates to people with disabilities and access and functional needs, what it takes to get the whole community approach as a concept, how inclusive planning and active participation are applied, and what your role is in advancing the cause.  


This program is being offered on April 27th from


After the flooding in Nebraska two years ago the Administration on Community Living came to the state to have listening sessions for people with disabilities and their families.  It was determined that Nebraska had some deficits in the inclusion of people with disabilities in their Disaster Plan.  So, in response the Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities awarded a grant to Dave Whalen of Niagara University to help us to develop a plan.  The Nebraska Statewide Independent Living Council is creating this webpage to provide you with resources to keep you informed.

The 1st resource I am sharing is the First Responders disability awareness training First Responders Disability Awareness Training | We are the nation's premier training program and resource for first responders to best serve & respond to individuals with disabilities (niagara.edu)


Also, check this out  www.disabilityawarenesstraining.com