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Are you an individual with a disability?  Do you want to be involved in changing the lives for all people with disabilities in Nebraska?  NESILC is seeking candidates to serve as council members!!

The Nebraska Statewide Independent Living Council (NESILC) is an independent, non-profit, state council that is required by federal law.  Our primary responsibility is to work with state partners to develop, monitor, and evaluate Nebraska's three-year Statewide Plan for Independent Living (SPIL).  The Council's mission is to promote the independent living philosophy through the network of Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and statewide partnerships.  We also strongly support research, education, employment, community organization, advocacy, and systems reform around disability issues. 


NESILC is in the process of seeking candidates to serve as potential volunteer council members.  The council seeks membership with priority given to qualified individuals with various disabilities, further enhanced by diverse cultures, ages, and gender, geographically distributed across the state.  Particular categories include organizations serving individuals with disabilities, other appropriate individuals, and CIL contact.  Chosen members would be appointed for 2 three-year terms.


Interested candidates should review the attached job description, then complete the attached application form in its entirety.  This includes sending a copy of your resume plus three references with contact information.  This information should be sent to the NESILC office by mail to 215 Centennial Mall South, Suite 519, Lincoln, NE 68508 or by email to


The recommendation and appointment process will proceed over a minimum of 4 months.  If you have any questions about the application, process, or duties of council members contact the NESILC office at 402-438-7979 or at  Thank you for your interest in the council. 


Don Dew



Application Process for membership to NESILC

All potential NESILC members will complete the application form approved by NESILC.  Once an application is submitted to the office, then 2 current members of NESILC, who do not know the applicant, will interview the applicant via conference call.  Questions for interview developed and updated by NESILC members.  The applicant will then be placed on the agenda for the following NESILC meeting.  At the quarterly meeting NESILC members will receive a report on the interview and discuss needs of NESILC to comply with the Rehab Act and bylaws.  Based on information NESILC members will vote to move application to next step in the process.  With an affirmative vote the application is moved onto the Approving Board acting as Governors designee for final approval.  A non-affirmative vote could either table the application or dismiss the application.  In the case of a non-affirmative vote, a letter will be sent to the applicant from the NESILC office clarifying disposition.

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