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The mission of the Nebraska Statewide Independent Living Council, Inc. (NESILC) is to partner with the Independent Living Network to promote Independent Living and facilitate systemic change that promotes independence, inclusion, non-discrimination, and dignity for all people with disabilities in Nebraska.



NESILC's vision is a world where people with disabilities experience equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of society.

This would include:

  • Equal Opportunity

  • Equal Access

  • Self Determination

  • Self Sufficiency

  • Independence

  • Choice



Promote an independent living philosophy in Nebraska for persons with disabilities while advocating for access, full participation, and self-determination.  Collaborate with appropriate agencies, councils, and organizations statewide to promote the independent living philosophy.



The Independent Living Movement stems from a philosophy which states that people with all types of disabilities should have the same civil rights and control over their choices in their own lives as people without disabilities.  The SILC, therefore, works to change societal attitudes about people with disabilities away from a patronizing, pitying medical model towards empowerment, independence, home- and community-based services, and integration as fully contributing, valued members of society.



The majority of Council members must be persons with a disability.

Other members may include:

  • Parents and legal guardians of individuals with disabilities;

  • Advocates of and for individuals with disabilites;

  • Persons from organizations that provide services for individuals with disabilities;

  • Representatives of centers for independent living;

  • Persons from private business

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